Massage therapy is an effective and non-invasive treatment tool that manages and targets specific issues which affects your daily living. Massage therapy releases tight structures of the body to reduce restrictions of the soft tissue.  It is also proven to have positive effects on improving overall physical and mental health of the patients. 

Our RMTs are educated to provide effective assessment and treatment through the manual manipulation of body structure such as ligaments, tendons,  muscles, blood vessels, organs and other soft tissues, coupled with therapeutic exercises and patient education. 

We not only focus on treating the condition, but also on prevention of the dysfunction, injury and pain from reoccurring. 

Here in theWell RMT Clinic, our main goal is to provide safe and effective 1-on-1 treatments, and focus on restoring and maintaining optimal health for each of our patients.

What to expect from your 1st visit:

Your initial session will begin with a short health history interview and assessment, which will guide your RMT to build up specific treatment plan just for you. After the assessment, your 1-on-1 treatment will begin. Your RMT will constantly renew informed consent and check in with you so that you are receiving effective and relaxing treatment. 

What are some benefits of Massage Therapy? 

  • reducing pain 
  • reducing muscle tension 
  • reducing stress and depression 
  • improving body awareness
  • improving joint mobility 
  • improving tissue health 
  • prevention of injury
  • promoting relaxation

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